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Making a strategic investment with EverSolar can help save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and help boost profits by reducing your dependence on grid electricity. Along with potentially saving further on operating costs, making the switch to solar will also add value to your premises, while reducing your carbon foot print and making a powerful corporate environmental statement.

A quality commercial solar power system can greatly lower energy costs and when coupled with our state of the art energy management system, which can also power security in case of main grid interruptions. All EverSolar customers have complete transparency of power generation. We enhance your brand’s credibility via system visibility and monitoring LCD displays somewhere prominent in your building.

Most of our customers from day one are cash flow positive, which means the system cost is lower than the actual power bill. Our customers that have installed a commercial PV system, are generating electricity at a lower cost than purchasing from the power companies!

Commercial Solar Power Systems can generate very good returns in many cases above 30% p.a, which makes it a very sensible, long term, cost cutting initiative. A truly long term strategic investment that really works. Commercial solar power systems can be purchased outright, or leased via our payment packages.

A Quality Solar Installation Simply Makes Economic Sense

The price of commercial solar power has dropped dramatically over the recent years, due to silicon prices dropping we have a major price reduction in solar installation costs. At the same time electricity prices have skyrocketed – and this doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time in the future. Solar in todays economic market is one of the smartest and safest business decisions to reduce overheads expenses for many years to come.

With solar panels having a serviceable life of decades, going solar translates to a huge reduction in your medium to long term operational costs.

  • Generate revenue by selling your plant’s power to your building’s tenant or to electricity retailers.
  • Increase the value of your building by improving your green star rating.
  • Government solar rebates, grants and tax breaks are available

What are the finance options?

Installing a Solar PV is a strategic long term Investment for your business. We offer flexible finance solutions which we can tailor to suit you.

Financing your solar investment not only helps your business access the benefits of solar power quickly and easily, it can also be structured to be cash flow neutral or even in most cases positive, by paying for the system through the savings in your energy costs.

Recent Project

General Public is an entertainment complex situated in Melbourne South-east in Dingley Villiage. The complex features a large array of arcade games, bowling complex, restaurant and beer garden. The power demand for the complex was very high, and solar was a perfect matchup for the venue.

In partnership with EverSolar, General Public installed 100kw of solar on the sites roof. Utilising more than 50% of the large roof space available. EverSolar’s technical engineering team carefully analyzed the building’s electricity consumption throughout all seasons, before choosing the size of the system.

The huge PV array consists of 370 x 270 watt Jinko Solar panels for a combined capacity of 100kw. The solar panels are connected via 4 x 25 Fronius 3 phase inverters. The system will offset the power needs of the site by upto 80% - an investment that will save General Public tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for years to come.

Aside from demonstrating environmental stewardship, commercial solar can make good financial sense. Considering a commercial scale solar project? Contact us today and we can begin to build your system together.

System Size
100 kWp

Estimate Annual Production
12500 Kw per year

Estimated Annual Carbon Offset
985 tonnes

Solar Panels
370 x 270watt

Solar Inverters
Fronius SYMO

Completion Date
October 2017

Where do I start?

We understand business can be time consuming, that is why we want to take the headache out of investing in solar. Switching your business to EverSolar is simple and hassle free.

The first step is to organise a complimentary, obligation free consultation. We will come to you and carry out a detailed site assessment and provide you with a feasibility study in order to tailor a solar solution best suited to your business.

Call us on 1300 383 776 to organise your free solar consultation by one of our business specialists.


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