EverSolar PV Commercial

Investing with EverSolar for your commercial solar project can help you reduce your company’s dependence on grid electricity and save you vast sums of money in energy costs. We have helped many businesses boost their profits by working to slash their operating costs. Additionally, commercial solar energy can augment the value of your business premises, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your PR and branding by making a powerful business testimonial about sustainability.

At EverSolar, we make sure that all our customers enjoy a completely transparent view of their energy production. We provide easy system accessibility and monitoring, via LCD displays that you can position where it’s most suitable. You can reference these displays to know precisely how much power you are generating and how much you have in reserve.

While there is a common belief that solar panels and solar power management systems are extremely costly, the majority of our customers at EverSolar enjoy positive cash flow from day one. In other words, the cost of their systems is lower than their average power bill. The result is that most EverSolar commercial clients are immediately producing electricity at a lower price than what they were paying the power company.

EverSolar commercial solar power systems consistently deliver superb returns, often above 30% per annum. As a lasting cost-cutting programme, adopting commercial solar is a strategic, sensible investment for most businesses. EverSolar also makes the transaction easy for any company, making it possible to either purchase a system outright or lease one through our payment platforms.

Bet big on solar

Because most solar panels also have a serviceable lifespan of 25 years, some businesses are viewing them as investments with benefits that go beyond simple reductions in energy costs. Here are a few other ways in which companies are making money by betting big on solar:

– Establishing solar plants and then selling residual power to building tenants, neighbouring properties or electricity retailers.

– Mounting solar panels and management systems in a commercial building and using those improvements to enhance the building’s green star rating and increase its value.

– Taking advantage of solar refunds, grants and tax incentives available from the government.

Use the money you are spending on power bill to cover the solar investment

One way that we make financing easy for solar power is by allowing our customers to apply their energy cost savings towards their investment. Whatever your business cash flow, based on the cost of your system and the anticipated energy cost savings, we can structure your financing so that you pay for your system with the money it will allow you to save.

At EverSolar, we understand that installing a solar PV is a significant investment for any business. To make that investment more accessible, we offer our customers an array of adaptable finance options. We are happy to work with you to tailor a financing strategy that makes sense for your business and your budget.

Getting started

To get started, we invite you to get in touch with us to schedule a complimentary and no-obligation consultation. We will come to your business premises, perform a site evaluation and prepare a feasibility study. From there, we can craft a solar resolution explicitly suited to your business. Call us on 1300 383 776 to organise your free solar consultation today.