Phono Solar

Phono Solar Panels.
The next generation of solar starts here.

Phono solar use of Hyperion Diamond technology has changed the DNA of solar cells through Nano Structure Rebuilding “The next generation of solar is here”.

As a Fortune Global 500 company Phono Solar adheres to the highest standards of quality, has rigorous quality control processes, and strives to consistently deliver high quality panels at their state of the art facilities.


• Nano structure rebuilding technology
• Anti PID with excellent low light performance
• Positive power tolerance +5%
• Busbar Solar Cell
• Improved technology to capture more light
• 4 Busbar Solar Cell
• 12-year product warranty


• World class production facilities exceeding ISO9001(Quality Management System) and ISO14001
• IP68 Safety Switch (world leading)
• Fire Rating (IEC61730)
• Hail Diameter @ 80kms (up to 25mm)

Phono Solar 270-280 Watt
Hyperion Diamond Module