Power Protection Guarantee

Showing Australians that solar can be truly risk free!

EverSolar’s Power Protection Guarantee.

Going solar can be a challenging decision for new customers, and the single largest fear end consumers have is that their new solar system will not generate the savings promised by the solar companies.

Using state of the art technology management software, EverSolar has the ability to track the system generation vs in house usage. This software allows EverSolar to provide our very own Power Protection Guarantee. If the new bill with solar is any more than the figure promised by the EverSolar representative, then you will have the difference returned into your nominated account.

We back our systems and Installation so highly that we will provide a whole 10 year guarantee on our PPG, unique to the EverSolar brand.

Going solar with Eversolar is simple

1. Assessment

2. Design

3. Installation

4. Savings

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