Solar Systems Solutions Installation – Melbourne

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Take Advantage of Government Solar Installation Incentives While You Still Can: Invest in Solar System Solutions in Melbourne Today

Have you been thinking of embracing solar power for your home, your small business or a larger commercial operation? If so, don’t delay! Currently, the Australian Government is offering rebates and incentives meant to subsidise the adoption and use of solar power nationwide. These subsidies will not be around forever—and are dropping in value until they cease to be available altogether. As such, if you have been considering a solar system installation in Melbourne, now is the time to move forward.

How the Government Subsidies Work

If you decide to pursue a solar installation in Melbourne, there is a subsidy that can help you save money. The government has made rebates and incentives available across all sectors, to help encourage as many people and entities to embrace solar as possible. The question, then, isn’t whether you will be able to take advantage of the government incentive program. Rather, the question—at least for now—is what type of subsidy can you get.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Australian Government is currently incentivising the adoption of solar energy systems, reach out to us at EverSolar. We focus on the installation of solar system solutions in Melbourne and can help you customise the system to suit your needs. It is only after we know what size of system you are considering that we will be able to give you much information on how much of a government subsidy you might be qualified to receive.

Typically, the government offers rebates depending on the capacity of your solar energy system. Solar systems are measured in kilowatt-hours, or kWh. A system rated at 1kW produces less energy (kilowatt-hours) per year than a system rated at 5kW. Your utility bill will usually tell you your energy consumption in kWh. You can use your bill to find out how much energy you are using per month/year and then work with EverSolar to design a solar solution that can cover or partially cover your energy usage.

Government incentives also go by kW rating. You get a certain amount of money for each kW rating on your system. If you received $700 for a 1kW system, then a 4kW system would be worth $2,800. (These numbers are only examples meant to explain a scenario, not to reflect the true value of government subsidies.)

Obviously, a commercial system is going to be rated for more kWs than a small domestic system. As such, it’s in deciding how big of a system you want or need that you can find out what to expect from a government rebate. EverSolar is happy to help you on this front.

How Long Will Government Subsidies Last for Solar Solutions in Melbourne?

So why should you start planning your solar system installation right away? Will the government incentives be gone soon? As things stand right now, the incentives will be available until 2032. The problem is that the value of the rebates are set to drop by about 6.66% each year. They could also decrease more quickly if there is a spike in demand for solar energy. Since solar has been picking up popularity in Australia, there’s no telling how long the government incentives will stay very valuable. By planning your solar installation in Melbourne today, you can guarantee yourself the maximum incentive.

To start talking solar solutions for your Melbourne home or business, give us a call at EverSolar. You can reach us on 1300 383 776.