Are you eligible for the $2225 Victorian Solar Home Rebate?

There is a $2225 Solar Home Rebate currently on offer provided by the Victorian Government.  It is limited to only 24,000 dwellings  so check if you qualify today.

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Residential & Commercial Micro & Grid inverters Tier 1 products. In-house installations Master Electricians CEC accredited


Energy management Lithium-ion technology Peak demand power System Maximization Power outage protection


LED lighting Energy monitoring Energy audits Power factor correction Peak demand offset

Air con

Affordable leading brands Efficient split systems Ducted air-con Suited to local conditions

Proudly accredited & with over 25 years combined experience in custom solar solutions for your home or business.

With us, switching to solar is simple.

Take control and save on your energy bills with smart software.

With our intelligent energy management software, we can help you manage your energy usage and save on bills to take you closer to a clean energy future. Our smart energy management software can help you save up to 30% on residential and 10% on business bills.