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Get to know us better

EverSolar is proudly a 100% Australian owned company, designed to deliver the highest quality products to the market backed by industry leading In-House CEC Approved Master Electricians.

Proudly accredited & with over 30 years combined experience.


Through EverSolar, as clean energy council approved solar retailers, you can get full access to all Government rebates. As CEC Approved Solar Retailers we also commit to industry best practices by installing CEC approved panels and systems.

Going solar with Eversolar is simple

1. Assessment

2. Design

3. Installation

4. Savings

Victorian Government Rebates

With July 1 2019 finally here, the Victorian Government Solar Rebates are now available for application through a CEC Approved Solar Retailer. Claim up to $4,450 on Solar rebates & interest free loans.

Federal Government Incentives

With the Federal incentives & rebates for solar power, you can claim up to $6,500 in incentives for your new home Solar system. There has never been a better time to go Solar.

Take control and save on your energy bills with smart software.

With our intelligent energy management software, we can help you manage your energy usage and save on bills to take you closer to a clean energy future. Our smart energy management software can help you save up to 30% on residential and 10% on business bills.

Projects & Latest Installations

EverSolar truly takes pride in every single installation it undertakes, that’s why we use In-house CEC Approved Master Electricians to ensure the installation is setup to last. Eversolar stands behind all its work and guarantees everything down to the last nut and bolt, let us show you a snippet of some of our work and what the highest level of workmanship in the industry looks like.

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